Whether to Spend or Save?

March 10, 2014

Thanks to good’ole Facebook we ran across this Blog from Creative Solutions Special Events, in Belmont, NC- and (with their permission) had to share! Enjoy!

Wedding Coordinator or Friend? Who to use for help on your big day…

“A wedding coordinator can be “just one more expense” in your budget, but this can also be the best money you spend on your wedding. When trying to decide if you want to hire a coordinator or simply ask a friend to help, ask yourself what exactly you expect this person to be responsible for on the day of your wedding.  If you are looking for someone to let you know when the minister is ready to begin the ceremony, assist the bridal party down the aisle, and let you know when it’s “show time”, then, yes, a friend would certainly be able to handle these tasks.

If you want someone to truly manage the logistics of your day, then you should consider hiring a wedding coordinator. A professional will be able to handle any unexpected problems without having to ask you a thousand questions. Also, keep in mind that a professional will be able to read over the contracts you have with your vendors to assure that you are getting what you paid for!  He or she will create a day-of timeline and know when and where each vendor is expected to arrive  and break down. Your coordinator will see that things get done at the designated time. Planning an entire wedding is stressful enough! You should not have to worry about small things such as when the florist arrives to the reception site, letting the DJ know it’s time for the toast, handing out tips or payments to your vendors, etc.  He or she will gather the small things that may slip your mind, such as your wedding flutes, cake knives, and gifts. Your day-of coordinator will take care of all the fine details in order for you to enjoy your day. Why should you have to worry about anything? It’s your wedding day!

While an organized friend may be very capable of handling many of these tasks, keep in mind at some point in the night she may want to hit the dance floor and enjoy herself. By loading her down with so many responsibilities, she may not be able to enjoy your special day with you.  So cut her lose and hire a wedding coordinator who fits your needs. That extra money spent will give you the peace of mind that all things are being taken care of with little or no stress for you. Your wedding coordinator will have a vested interest in making sure your day is perfect and everything goes off without a hitch! And, who knows, your wedding coordinator might just become one of your friends!”

With so many decisions during wedding planning, it is easy to jump at the first offer for help, especially free help, but we think there are some good points here to consider!

If you’re hosting an event in the Charlotte area make sure to visit Creative Solutions Special Events! Cheers!