Welcome to Wedding Season in Charleston

September 12, 2012

We all are too familiar with the term “Wedding Season” … however, this trusty season is seemingly becoming more and more extinct. It seems that each year, more weddings are being held at all times during the year, not just Spring/Summer. And not just on Saturdays! Friday nights and Sundays are booking up quickly. In result, wedding trends, ideas, concepts and even the wedding food has evolved to suit all seasons. With the 2013 wedding and fashion trends being released, Cru Catering thought we would share some of the up-and-coming fads, as well as some twists on fall wedding ideas. See you later summer, fall is in the air! Crazy color combinations seem to be the word in the wedding scene. Some of our favorite for the fall season were to pair chocolate and vanilla, butter and gold, and cherry and mocha. Not a big fan of the ‘crazy color’ idea? Try an all white wedding with a pop of your favorite fall color.

For the 2013 wedding trends, the vintage look is making a huge appearance from themes to gowns to accessories and colors. The latest runways showcased lots of lace, embellishments, delicate netting and subtle hints of skin right out of a classic movie. But what about our favorite subject? The wedding food! We love the trends for 2013 eats in the wedding scene. Here are some of our favorites ~

1- Cupcakes! Yes we adore cupcakes in general, but what about savory food (not just sweets) in tiny little circular packages? This is sweeping the scene for 2013- think mini potpies at cocktail hour.

2- Themed Rehearsal dinners – Having a traditional wedding? Have some fun with the rehearsal dinner. Throw a Mexican Fiesta or Sushi Soirée.

3- Serve the Meal ‘A La Carte’. People always love options – instead of choosing an entrée on the RSVP card let them choose at the table with a variety of fresh and local proteins, vegetables, grains, etc.

4- Fun serving ware. Whether it’s a funky martini glass or a culturally inspired bowl make a statement with your serving ware.

5- Tapas. More and more weddings are doing mainly hors d’oeuvres or trio entrées instead of three course meals. Give them a selection with a tapas style dinner. Who doesn’t love a little taste of everything? When most of us think of wedding food, we think three courses… salad, chicken or beef, and of course, the wedding cake.

With fall and all its seasonal deliciousness, it’s easy to think outside the boring food box, not to mention here in Charleston with all our amazing local goodies. Our first suggestion is to replace the normal salad with a warm    seasonal soup. You could serve a squash bisque (or go really Charleston and do crab bisque or she-crab soup). The best part of the fall season is the options for garnish; you can serve the soups in little pumpkins.

For the main course, what is the first protein you think of during fall? Turkey. Yes, you could do a version of Thanksgiving dinner at your reception or get creative and do a miniature option like individual Cornish Game Hen. 
Falling in line with the tapas trend dessert trios are especially fun during this season, and a great way to have your guests really taste your local eats… mini apple pies, pecan pies, pumpkin pies are among the top picks. Fall wedding cakes seem to stick with the chocolate flavor, but don’t be afraid to try large versions of a seasonal dessert, like carrot cake, if the tastes suits you.

 At Cru Catering, we love playing on the seasons and finding new, fresh, locally grown products to use in inspired ways for your big day. Explore your fresh markets, talk to local chefs, study your season… you’ll be surprised what you will discover. As the 2013 bridal season begins let us wish you the best of luck and happy planning! Head on over to our menu page to start dreaming up ideas for your wedding.