Wedding Makers & Breakers~ Cru Catering Charleston

July 28, 2015

This may not be from a Charleston insider, but we loved the look into what makes a wedding  from an attendee, rather than a professional for a change (and we really couldn’t agree more)!

After attending a number of these weddings, I have learned what it takes to make a wedding wonderful, fun and the kind you don’t want to end. I have also seen what it takes to make the wedding where you turn to your plus-one and say “After dinner let’s sneak out of here.” I have listed what I believe to be wedding makers and wedding breakers:

An awesome DJ — There is nothing worse than a DJ with no good musical flow and no awareness of when a song is going over like a lead balloon. A good DJ plays the classics people want to hear, the good stuff on the radio today and keeps instructional dances like “The Cupid Shuffle” and the Macarena to a minimum.
Great food — This seems obvious but I have been to a wedding where the food comes out cold and that can be really sad. I don’t want to stop at McDonald’s after the wedding. I want to say “Oh my gosh that food!” days later when I’m telling people how the wedding was.
An open bar — Frankly, cash bars can be a drag when you aren’t aware beforehand. I don’t usually carry cash with me so it’s no fun to have to find an ATM nearby. At least make beer and wine free.

The dollar dance — Apparently this is common, but I had never seen it until two years ago. I find it sort of creepy, and a weird ploy to get money on top of the semi-expensive gift I just got you, to pay to dance with the bride and groom. If I’m at your wedding, I’m assuming we’re friends. I will just give you $5 if you ask for it but I’m not going to pay to dance with you.
Long-winded best man/maid of honor speeches — It happens often where you just want to reach out and give the slightly too drunk best man the hook or pull the ill-prepared maid of honor aside and say “You’re dying out there, kid.” Keep it short, keep it funny and keep it genuine. We really don’t need cheesy metaphors for what marriage and love are like. We have Hallmark for that exact purpose.
Garter tosses — We can all agree that this tradition has gotten creepy right? It’s also alarming when boys under like 16 try to catch it. It’s extremely alarming when children under 5 try to catch it. I vote we just let this tradition die quietly.

Overall, and most importantly, good music, good food and being surrounded by the people you love and care about can make any wedding amazing. Remember that when you’re panicking over table decorations and the groomsmen having the right color socks.
– Katherine Leszczynski / Leader Staff Writer
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