Tis’ the Season to… GET ENGAGED!

December 12, 2014

Tis’ the Season to… GET ENGAGED! That’s right! Christmas Eve, followed by New Year’s Eve & then Christmas Day are the most popular times to pop the question. What else is popular? Check out these engagement statistics recently published by TheKnot.com:

– 83% of women would like their dad to be asked beforehand
– 25% would like their mom included as well
– 64% of couples live together before marriage (more than 4.2 million unmarried couples are living together)
– 69% of couples have known eachother for 3 years or longer

The Proposal
– 64% of the respondents said they knew a proposal was imminent; they just didn’t know exactly when it would happen
– 3% said they micromanaged the entire proposal by letting their fiancĂ© know when, where, and how he should propose
– 88% feel that the “surprise factor” is important
– 68% of women say it’s essential to ask the question, “Will you marry me?”
– 29% said they’d prefer to hear those words, but it’s not mandatory

The Ring
– 68% of brides said that a diamond’s size is equally as important as its quality
– 25% would rather downsize their diamond for a higher quality stone
– 7% believe size is what matters most, regardless of quality
– 19% of brides had nothing to do with choosing their ring
– 25% of couples went ring shopping together
– 19% of the time, the groom asked what sort of style, metal, and cut she preferred
– 12% said they made their ring taste completely clear so he’d know what to look for
– 17% of couples actually chose the ring together
– 33% of couples felt buying a conflict-free stone was important

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