Tis’ The Season… To Eat Oysters!

December 13, 2013

You know you only eat Oysters in months with a ‘R’, and you know they are delicious, but what else do you know about these little Charlestonian favorites?

In South Carolina most spawning occurs from April to October and is intensive during the summer months. Oyster larvae eventually settle onto the bottom of the ocean floor, attaching to any hard surface. Most commonly oyster larvae choose to attach to other oysters making the oyster shell recycling program so important. By ‘planting’ recycled oyster shells in harvest areas it increases spawning and production (equaling more for us to eat!).


Dating back to prehistoric times Ireland, United Kingdom and Europe each have a history of harvesting Oysters for food. In the 19th century an oyster bed off the New York Harbor became the largest production of oysters in the world, contributing to New York’s, now famous, restaurant trade. Countries around the world still hold oyster feasts and festivals, like our beloved oyster roasts.


Surprisingly oysters have a shelf life of about 4 weeks, longer than most shellfish, but aging does affect taste negatively. Oysters must be eaten or cooked alive. If the shell is opened and unresponsive the oyster inside is dead, making it unsafe to eat.

Oyster season is in full swing as marked by many local Oyster events. If you can’t make any of these traditional shindigs, or you just can’t wait any longer, let Cru cater an Oyster Roast just for you. Along with BBQs, black tie affairs and weddings we can also throw you one Shucking good time centered around these fabulous little creatures. From set up to the fixings we will have you, and all your nearest and dearest, slurping down fresh, local oysters in no time.

Call us today for more information on hosting your own Oyster Roast!