The Faces behind the Fun

March 25, 2013

Most of you have met the Chefs behind our creations, especially Chef John Zucker, but what about the people behind our wonderful events? We’d like you to meet one of our fabulous catering directors Emily Frailinger.


Spending most of her life exploring the diverse cuisines of the North East, Emily fell in love with food at an early age.  Realizing this, she quickly dove head first into the Hospitality Industry where she experienced the food and beverage world from the ground up. To further her education as well as to experience a cuisine unfamiliar to her own she moved to Charleston where she attended the College of Charleston. Graduating with a double major in Business Administration and Hospitality and Tourism Management Emily knew she wanted to be involved in Charleston’s Hospitality Industry.

After four years of furthering her food and beverage experience in the Charleston area, she was introduced to Chef Zucker, and took a position as Catering Manager with Cru Catering. Fascinated by the modern cuisine, fresh ingredients, and phenomenal chefs that Cru has to offer, Emily’s love for the catering industry continues to grow daily.

What is Emily’s Favorite Dish at Cru?
“Easy! The Thai Seafood Risotto. Check out the Cru Café blog for the recipe and try it yourself!”

What has been her Favorite Cru Catering Event?
“Any Themed event or gala. Anything where you can be really creative with the menu items.”

What has been her Most Memorable Event with Cru Catering?
 “Our 2 week long event with Infiniti Automotive for their new SUV launch to the media last    March. Hosting guests from all over the world for breakfast, lunch and dinner- a new group every day! Making a restaurant, bar and lounge out of a completely vacant building! The logistics were crazy, the set up incredible and wowing guests every night with food from the Lowcountry was a blast!”