Taste the Trends

March 15, 2013

Just as fashion has its style and trends so does the catering industry. Each season, and each New Year, new ideas begin to grow from the best chefs around the nation inspiring dishes, décor and settings for all your upcoming events. So what’s on the menu for 2013’s wedding season? Two main concepts for the season seem to be small plates and personalized food.

Tapas (small plates of food derived from Spanish cuisine) is still making a huge appearance at events. Hosts and guests alike enjoy having the options tapas allows. You can mix cuisines, proteins, and flavors using this option. It is also a great way to satisfy everyone’s tastes. This trend is taking many steps forward spawning into things like mini champagne bottles to tiny tacos.


Cooking Stations are also making their way into today’s events. Stations can be set up to control traffic around a room, keep guests interactive with the food, and (again) to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Stations can be anything from wok cooking (very personalized), Paella stations, Pizza stations and even Crepe stations. Anything that is better off cooked right before eaten can be set up as a food station. Following suite are mac and cheese bars, mashed potato bars, grit bars and anything else you could imagine having toppings for.


 Desserts are also making a smaller mark these days. Opposed to having large cakes and pies, and choosing what you want, hosts are serving tastes of multiple desserts following the tapas trend.


The most important thing to remember this year is to have fun with your food! You don’t have to have a beef or chicken option, you don’t have to have any main course, you can do whatever sounds delicious to you. Breakfast for dinner or load up on small bites! It is your day and enjoy the food YOU love. Food can be just as creative as any other part of your wedding or special event. Talk to your caterer about what you savor and enjoy the most and what you want people to remember about your food- let them craft a menu that matches your event!