It really is YOUR day…

May 8, 2013

Wedding season has officially kicked off and weekends in Charleston are full of showers, parties and celebration. Charleston is one of the most popular places in the nation to be wed… but what are some of the strangest places? People each have their own ideas of their ‘BIG DAY’ and these crazy nuptials top our list.

  • 120,00 Gallon SHARK TANK– Wearing helmets that enabled underwater breathing and communication, and decked out in custom-created wet suits (white for her; black for him), the couple enclosed themselves in a steel cage and were lowered into the water occupied by 10 skulking sharks.201006-w-married-shark
  • IN MID AIR- Marriage in the Sky offers a 20-seat, 42’-by-25’ platform hoisted 164 feet into the air. This marriage mobile can anchor wherever there’s 5,000 square feet of secure surface area, so the sky’s the limit for location (think the Grand Canyon, a Venetian canal, or above the Sahara Desert).  Afterward, many couples decide to bungee jump off the platform.201006-w-married-sky
  • AN ICE CHAPEL– at Quebec’s Hôtel de Glace, where temperatures hover around 25 degrees and there’s iced champagne, two ice glasses, and, for your guests, ice benches draped in animal skins. What’s a shivering bride to wear? Just ask designer Corinne Markey, whose Marie-Ange Collection—created just for Hôtel de Glace brides—features floor-length gowns with fuzzy lining, fur-trimmed hoods, and thick white capes.201006-w-married-glace
  • ON TWITTER– While gathered in a room with their officiate and witnesses, the officiate carried out the FULL ceremony on Twitter — including the bride and groom tweeting out their vows.
  • TACO BELL (while still open to the public)- During the dining-room ceremony, for which employees displayed hot-sauce packages reading “Will You Marry Me?,” the duo wore dark purple (him) and hot pink (her)—Taco Bell’s official colors.

No matter how you envision your ‘I Do’s’, just remember- It is YOUR day!

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