How Were You Invited?

May 17, 2013

It seems formal invitations are a thing of the past. This wedding season we have had a lot of brides (and grooms) going a little bolder and more fun with their wedding invites. This trend toward a more casual feel has long been awaited following the more laid back and personal weddings we have been seeing.


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Bright colors (even neon!), crazy fonts, decorative envelope liners and more interactive invitations are topping the lists. We aren’t seeing many of the traditional calligraphy and paper liner sets coming into the mailbox this season. Bride and Grooms are choosing invitations that match the theme of their wedding whether it is modern, naturalist, classic or bold.


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Along with the designs the phrasing has changed. You know longer are incorrect if you don’t use the typical ‘invitation wording’. Some invitations are even containing the couples ‘stories’, pictures and cute rhymed phrases that reflect who they truly are.


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The invitation has become a true reflection of the actual wedding (which we know has become much more personal and creative) as well as a true vision of the bride and groom. With today’s technology and options the invitation (as well as the save the date) has become a very creative expression and the options are endless.


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