Have a Cozy Cocktail

December 20, 2012

Looking for a new way to wind down this winter? Try a cozy cocktail! Instead of your traditional glass of wine, cold beer or vodka+soda, spice things up with a taste of the season. Try using mixers like apple cider, coffee or eggnog to liven up your drink.

Incorporate a few of our favorites combinations into your chilly nights.

*Mulled Apple Cider, Dark Rum and Cinnamon Liqueur (such as Cinnamon Schnapps)
*Coffee (or Hot Cocoa), Coffee Liquor and a Peppermint stick (candy canes make a nice touch!)
*Chai Tea, your favorite Whiskey, Cointreau, and bitters

Be creative and mix and match your own wintery creations. Ginger, apple, cinnamon, honey, and peppermint are all fabulous flavors for warm and cozy cocktails. Mixologist tip: keep your alcohol room temperature when making a hot beverage, heat up the mixers (ie: cider) to a warmer than desired temperature then add the alcohol.  There are also lots of festive lagers and beers for the season, and some delicious ‘hard ciders’. We suggest trying Angry Orchard or grabbing a Woodchuck if you’re in the mood for something seasonal but a little lighter.

Having a winter wedding? Incorporate a special cocktail in your bar or cocktail hour for a special touch of the season. Your guests will love the change of pace from routine drinks.  One of our favorite wedding additions is a champagne cocktail. You can add any fruit juice that is in season to the champagne. Not only does it make it fresh and tasty but it makes the champagne a beautiful color. Our favorite this time of year:  The Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail.

At Cru we always love a yummy cocktail, but whatever your curiosity please be responsible this season, and always. Best Wishes, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all!