Fall in Love with Succulents

February 11, 2014

What’s the hot trend for weddings now? Succulents. These hardy plants are making their way to weddings of all types and sizes, and we have to say we love it. Succulents are a great twist on flowers, giving edge and diversity to affairs, as well as a (usually) more cost efficient décor.

Traditional Succulents are fat and fleshy leaved plants- think of the aloe vera plant or cactus for example.  These plants are great for events due to their durability and variety. Unlike what one might think succulents come in MANY sizes and colors.

Brides and grooms are utilizing succulents in everything from favors to hair accessories. Take a peek at some of our favorite ideas and please feel free to share your own!

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167618417352606915_zb2teqrV_cColorful Photo Backdrops

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