Dress up your Dessert

June 10, 2013

If you have been hitting the wedding scene lately or keeping up with the bloggers and magazines you have noticed some new sweet treats taking a trend this season. Elegant cakes and themed cupcakes are still the top leaders in the dessert theme but planners are adding new desserts to the tables to compliment the standards, and some are replacing them entirely.

In the last couple years weddings have much lost the traditional appeal and gained a personal touch. If you happen to love popcorn- have it at your wedding! If you don’t like cake- why waste the money on a seven tiered budget breaking masterpiece?

If you are considering some new spins on sweets for your Big Day here are some top trends we’ve been seeing featured in our Cru Weddings, on the blogs and in the wedding news:

Mini Treats- With tapas still being on the rise for wedding catering dessert has followed suit with mini cupcakes, bite sized cookies, tiny pies and tartlets. Brides/grooms love the idea of having lots of little sweets opposed to one large slice of something. It is definitely a way to satisfy your guests’ tastes, but harder to narrow down what to choose as you can mix and match anything!


French Macaroons– These sweet, light and tasty desserts aren’t only for French themed weddings or catering. They are great for any affair. They are light a crisp, great for a warm weather dessert and come in a huge array of colors! These little French cookies have been sweeping weddings across the nation.


Photo Courtesy of Cloud9bliss.blogspot.com

Fun with Fruit– As many are trying to lead healthier lifestyles they want their weddings to reflect who they are, food included. We have been seeing a lot of chocolate covered fruit (strawberries, banana pops, and cherries) as well as fruit tartlets, pies and crepes.

fruit dessert

Cake Pops– For all events, not only weddings, these tangible little treats have gained wide popularity. They come in all flavors, all shapes, colors, sizes and are perfect to take with you as you walk and mingle or hit the dance floor. They can even be used as favors- two birds one stone!


Photo Courtesy of Indulgy.com

Dessert Tables– Just as with Food Stations dessert tables are becoming not only a favorite dessert idea but an ornament in décor for the reception. The tables are as elaborate with theme, colors and design as they are tasty treats.

Jason and erin 1

For more creative dessert ideas visit WE TV or The Knot.com

*Unless noted photos are of actual Cru Catering products and taken by Photographer Paul Cheney