Cru’s Thanksgiving Favorites

November 25, 2013

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we wanted to share a little bit of our crew’s Turkey Day favorites with each of you!

Chef John Zuker, Executive Chef & Owner:
“I love my fathers stuffing. It’s so simple but good to me. I remember making it with him as a kid every year. Celery, Onions, a little bit of Carrot, Garlic sauteed and seasoned. Then add the breads crumbs and a lot of melted butter. Basic but good.”

Chef John also says Thanksgiving isn’t complete without, “sweet potato puree with candied pecans and a really good mushroom gravy for the Turkey, with jut a little giblet flavor.”

Aileen, Pit Cru & Cru on the Go Director:
“My all time favorite Thanksgiving dish is the pumpkin pie, with whipped cream of course! I really love it all, and love to eat everything over and over again & don’t get sick of the leftovers!”
*Aileen secretly loves canned cranberry sauce too, but shh don’t tell!

Reilly, Catering Director:
“My favorite Thanksgiving dish is green bean casserole. It was always so warm and comforting, perfect for a cold winter day!”

Jill, Catering Director:
“My favorite item is the Wine I get to drink while making the gravy – usually I start with my favorite white wine an Austrian Gruner Veltliner, then later an Oregon Pinot Noir. My mother (who has celiacs) has mastered gluten-free biscuits and pie crusts too. I don’t eat a lot of sweets but Pumpkin Pie is my favorite!”

Jacob Fuhr, Beverage Manager:
“My favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal is Classic Cornbread Pork Sausage and Oyster Stuffing!”

Jenna, Catering Director:
“My favorite Thanksgiving item would have to be my grandmother’s pea salad. Every time I am home for a holiday, she makes it for me.”

Chad, Catering Director:
“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is my grandmother’s chicken salad. The best ever!”

From all of us at Cru Catering we wish you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!