Cru’s Fourth Meal.

October 14, 2013

It’s always been said that the little things can go a long way, and we agree the same goes with weddings. Small details can make your guests feel the most appreciated and really give them something special to remember your big day. We recently added a new ‘item’ to our reception agenda, and it quickly became a new favorite with our staff- Late Night Passers.

The ‘Late Night Passer’ can be any item of food you choose- the key is it is passed to guests towards the end of the reception in easy to handle ways (think food to go). At the end of a long night of partying what do we all want? FOOD! Dancing, and cocktails, can work up an appetite. Save your guests the time of having to run by a drive thru for a late night snack with a ‘Late Night Passer’.

 rice 3

Pictured above are Mini Angus Burgers with Fries and Pulled Pork Sliders with homemade potato chips and Pickles. The pickles are a huge favorite and the recipes are Chef Steve’s Great Grandmother’s recipes. Note that you can even keep dancing while holding the paper ‘boats’!

When planning your reception, pick a favorite ‘junk’ food and have us make it from scratch to be passed around the dance floor while the celebrations are in full swing! We promise your guests will be thankful for the fuel!