Cru Catering Director, Jill Christy, Featured on Tara Guérard’s Blog

November 7, 2016

Catering Directory Jill Christy was featured on a recent blog from Tara Guérard Soiree addressing diet restrictions at large events. Cru Catering is always happy to help you create a menu perfect for your whole guest list. Deriving creative ways to serve traditional, favorite dishes that accommodate allergies and diet restraints is part of the fun!

Read all of Jill’s tips and tricks on Tara’s blog here.

We spoke with Jill Christy of Cru Catering (one of our most favorite caterers) and she offered many tips for us. “We are seeing more allergies than ever these days. Many chefs, including our owner John Zucker, prefer cooking and frying with peanut oil due to its high quality and ability to handle high temperatures without burning. But, years ago we quit using peanut oil due to the high number of nut allergies, as it was important to us to adapt to whats happening with our guests. The other most common allergies we see are shellfish, and then of course gluten and dairy free requests. There seems to be a growing number of people eating plant based diets, so we get a lot of pescatarian and vegetarian requests- YES they are different. A pescatarian will eat seafood, but not land based animal proteins. Lastly, there are many vegan requests, a vegan diet does not incorporate any animal products at all. For instance we use Agave syrup (from a cactus) instead of Honey from Bee’s for vegan accommodated diets.”


Try goat or sheep’s milks, yogurts and cheese out, many people find their dairy intolerances do not apply to milk from sheep or goats. They are so good!

Read all of Jill’s tips and tricks on Tara’s blog here.