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Tanya Mart

Catering Director

Transformational leadership has been Tanya’s mantra since her debut in the hospitality industry over 30 years ago. Throughout her expansive career, she has worked in a multitude of collaborative culinary environments helmed by Chef Daniel Boulud, Chef Gavin Kaysen, and multiple James Beard Award-nominee and winner Chef Sean Brock, to name a few.

Her passion for food began at a young age, and as it evolved, inspired her to earn her degree in Commercial Photography with an emphasis in Food Photography. Tanya views food as a universal and loving experience, and feels “lucky to work in an industry whose purpose is to bring people together to create memories,” says Tanya.

Identifying as an “Airforce Brat,” Tanya calls Minneapolis, Minnesota home. She is married to Pat Nelson, owner of Big Boned BBQ in Charleston, SC, and has 2 dogs and a cat. In her free time, you can find Tanya working to pursue her passion for regenerative farming to supply local craft breweries and chefs with unique, heirloom crops under the LLC of Food Fight Farm.

Tanya Mart